A Legendary Barbaresco

A Legendary Barbaresco

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Today’s offer is coming to you from Italy, specifically the northern region (known as the Piedmont) where the Nebbiolo and Barbera grapes dominate the red wine landscape. Now I’m sure many of you are aware that Nebbiolo can make some of the world’s most profound wines — Barolos and Barbarescos that can improve with age for 30 or more years. But I’ll bet that, prior to joining the Guild, many of you had not experienced Nebbiolo-based wines in any great volume. We certainly could do a better job of exposing them more, as I truly believe this is one of the least appreciated wine regions in all the world (in terms of broad awareness vs. quality delivered) — I’d argue these wines deliver every bit the profundity of great Bordeaux or Burgundy at half the price and a tenth the hype.

And the producer of today’s offer is a story unto themselves. Produttori di Barbaresco is a local cooperative, like many throughout the wine producing regions of Europe. What’s different about Produttori, however, is that they were arguably the first commercial wine cooperative in operation, and that they carry a reputation for outstanding quality (whereas co-op wines from places like the Languedoc typically produce cheap juice of marginal quality).

About a year ago, Robert Parker‘s designated Italian wine reviewer Antonio Galloni did a retrospective tasting of some older vintages of Produttori di Barbaresco wines and made the following comments on the producer in his introductory notes:

Produttori del Barbaresco is one of the few estates in the world that continues to produce fine, age worthy wines at consumer-friendly prices. Although the Produttori’s Barbarescos – the Riservas in particular – age extremely well, until recently the wines haven’t been considered collectible. Because of their reasonable prices, most of the wines have long been drunk up by the estate’s loyal supporters, making older vintages nearly impossible to source, even in the secondary market. This tasting provided an extraordinary opportunity to get a progress report on 21of the estate’s single-vineyard Barbarescos. The wines spanned 5 important harvests; 1996, 1989, 1988, 1985 and 1978, all years Piedmont loves recognize as being among the finest to grace the region. As an aside, I recently re-tasted a number of the Produttori’s 2004 Riservas and promptly augmented my stock of these sublime Barbarescos. I highly encourage readers to snap up the wines while they are around.

Some months ago we were offered the full line of Produttori di Barbaresco’s eight different vineyard-designated Reservas from the classic 2005 vintage. See the Produttori website for descriptions of the various vineyards:). A quick check of available reviews and information allowed us to narrow our selections down to only the highest-rated, all of which received scores between 92 and 95 points from both the Wine Advocate and Wine Spectator.

The wines we are offering are the following, and all are priced the same:
2005 Produttori di Barbaresco Reserva Asili
2005 Produttori di Barbaresco Reserva Montestefano
2005 Produttori di Barbaresco Reserva Ovello
2005 Produttori di Barbaresco Reserva Rabaja
Member Price: [private_member] Grand Cru: $48.49 • Premier Cru: $50.69 [/private_member]
Retail Price: $62.00
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We ordered these wines before they left Italy to get the best pricing — the prices we’re offering are as good as any in the US. Quantities are very limited (3.5 cases total), so if you have an interest please let us know and we’ll do out best to allocate them optimally. These are classic wines from a legendary producer in a solid vintage that can age for years to come. Take advantage of this truly special offering and experience for yourself how profound outstanding Nebbiolo can be.

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