A Great Graves Blanc

A Great Graves Blanc

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I was shocked when orders for the 2008 Chateau Magence Graves Blanc started pouring in. You see the Wine Guild agreed to supply the wine orders to some folks who were attending a private Bordeaux wine dinner in town a few weeks back.

The dinner was a hit, but when orders came in for nearly 6 cases of this one wine it peeked my curiosity. ‘What the heck’ I thought, it is way under $10.00 so I ordered an extra case to try myself.

I love a good Graves Blanc. I used to be madly in love with Carbonnieux, and still am, but the price has gone off the charts. This is a little under $10 and is excellent everyday drinking, crisp, refreshing Sauvignon Blanc with some real Graves character to it.

Wine Dork Note: Graves is known for some top red Bordeaux wine, the best being Haut Brion. Graves is also known for making the best white wines in Bordeaux.

So here it is: This is another great summer sipper in perfect time for the excessive heat we are having. This wine is all about being refreshing, it has a solid acidity, enough to give it a structure that takes it just above the common fold. The fruit is classic Sauvignon Blanc but as I said above it has a solid stamp of Graves flavor, which to me means it is creamier Sauv Blanc with a balance to the grassy, bell pepper type flavors that many Sauv Blancs can have.

Most of all the wine is well integrated, the fruit does not overwhelm the structure, it harmonizes and presents a clean almost gulpable flavor that is enjoyed by anyone.

I recommend this wine to everyone who is looking for a good drinking white wine right now, great as a cocktail wine, excellent with light foods as well.

2008 Chateau Magence Graves Blanc
Member Price: [private_member] Grand Cru: $7.70 • Premier Cru: $8.05 [/private_member]
Retail Price: $10.50
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