1 Bottle = 1 Serving = Riesling

1 Bottle = 1 Serving = Riesling

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I have not shaved in 3 weeks. I have not cut my hair in months. Life is good out here in the country and there is something warming and stabilizing about sporting a shaggy head. Honestly, there is little reason to groom these days, my suits hang unneeded and unused in my closet, my tux has been mothballed and put away as a relic of another time in my life. Lisa and I no longer indulge in the fancy dinners and outings that we used to love so much. Our pleasures have drawn us on to other means of enjoyment.

We have traded the delicate flavors of haut-cuisine served in tiny portions on enormous white, geometrical plates for the steaming cast iron pot of slow braised warming goodnesses served in chipped stoneware and mouthed voraciously with large spoons in front of the fire. We have even forgone, in most cases, the use of stemware to swirl, sip and gulp our wine down with.

So yesterday, when I finished a full day of chain sawing the wild grape that has long held captive my border trees and shrubs, I came inside and poured myself a large jelly jar of a basic Alsatian Gewurztraminer to take into the shower with me. It was delicious, cold and sweet and spicy, just viscous enough to saturate my goatee like the face full of delicious grease you get when eating a Turkey leg at a Ren. fair. The tiredness from physical work, the shaggy head, the face full of sweet wine all coming together to create a warm and familiar feeling, an ease of relaxation at the end of my day.

Settling in next to the fire I needed to move on from the Gewurz. which was so big and beautiful to come in out of the cold to but now was almost too rich. I wanted something refreshing and light like oxygen or winter spring water, a feeling that usually sends me racing for Chablis, but spending all day outside in the cold leaves a chill in you and I needed further body in my wine, that stick to your bones feeling you get with red wine or the German/Alsatian whites.

I reached for my current favorite, a wine I have been buying since before Christmas and keep stocked in my fridge like a six pack of beer. The 2008 Weingut Eugen Wehrheim, Niersteiner Bildstock, Rielsing Kabinett. Rheinhessen was one of the bottles in our Christmas mixed case this past year and a wine that I just can not get away from. With only 9.5% alc. a full bottle truly is a single serving which is important becasue once tasted, I never want to stop drinking this wine. I even had to switch to stemware to enjoy the full measure of this wine.

As I said before, this Riesling has the crisp. freshness and minerality of a Chablis but almost with the body and presence of a red wine. We received a tremendous price on this bottling. It is an any palate, not just Riesling, but white wine. Meaning everyone who is on the fence about Riesling needs to step up and give this one a go, it never hurts to keep trying and with any luck a new world of enjoyment awaits your exploration. This is one of the wines we featured at last weeks tasting for those who were there. In any case you will need to order quickly to keep those of us on the board who are on our 2nd and 3rd cases of the stuff from getting it all.

2008 Weingut Eugen Wehrheim, Niersteiner Bildstock, Rielsing Kabinett. Rheinhessen
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Retail Price: $15.87
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