5 Ways To Buy

Respond to email alerts.
When we come across an outstanding wine (or an outstanding value) we alert our members via email. Simply reply with the quantity you want and we’ll take care of the rest.

Order at a tasting event.
Just write your name and the amount you want on the tasting sheet and hand it to one of the staff. You can pick up your wine in a week or two. Of course, special arrangements can be made if you need it sooner.

Ask about a specific wine.
Did you drink something great at a restaurant? On vacation? At a friend’s house? If it’s distributed in Virginia we can probably get it for you. Just ask. Email, phone or carrier pigeon. Whatever works for you.

Ask for a recommendation.
Curious about Bordeaux? Need an inexpensive sparkler for a party? We’re always happy to help you find the perfect bottle.

Buy what’s in stock.
We always have a modest but memorable selection of wines, cheeses, vinegars, and other foods on hand. If you grab some at the next tasting just tell one of the staff and we’ll put it on your tab. Of course, you can also come in during office hours.