Stumbling headfirst into the perfect pairing…

Stumbling headfirst into the perfect pairing…

Posted on Jan, 16. 2015 by

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kMkj2zLIt’s no secret that food and wine have a naturally symbiotic relationship; dinners and events are planned around that very idea (see: Wine Guild tastings + pop-up menu, wink-wink) all the time…I mean, entire cultures almost seem to revolve around the concept!

But: it’s rare that you accidentally come across two things that match so splendidly by accident…like, you couldn’t have even planned it! Recently, I opened a bottle of red wine I’ve been meaning to try, and figured it would drink just fine with the Cacio e Pepe we’d planned for dinner. Well, that was the understatement of the year. It was a match made in heaven.

This wine was great to sip on while cooking dinner, paying mind to the subtle differences in character as it developed over time. While I am not a stranger to Cru Beaujolais (as you may have noticed), this one takes the cake. It’s everything I want in an approachable and affordable red wine. The producer is Nicolas Boudeau and the wine is his Domaine la Grume “Grain de Sable” 2012 from Brouilly, France. This Cru is the largest of the ten Crus in Beaujolais and tends to produce rather inexpensive but quality-driven red wines made strictly from the Gamay grape. Think of it as Burgundy’s little step-brother.

The Grain de Sable is tart, with a vibrantly crisp acidity- yet smooth and rounded on the finish. It’s charming and effortless, with soft tannins and subtle notes of red currant and lilac. It’s so versatile, I would also recommend it with chicken, turkey, even fish, but it just goes so darn well with Cacio e Pepe that I’ve included a recipe here (I prefer to add garlic as well). I’m not sure how the Italians would feel about that, but that can be our little secret!

Domaine la Grume “Grain de Sable” Brouilly 2012
Member Price: [private_member] Grand Cru: $12.46 • Premier Cru: $13.03 [/private_member]
Retail Price: $17.00
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