Raclette from Switzerland

Raclette from Switzerland

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Member John Strazzullo says: When I first tried this cheese, I wasn’t very impressed as it was very mild with a firm but unnotable texture. I then did a little research and discovered that the cheese is meant to be served melted. Here’s the wiki: Raclette – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
As you can see, it’s a cow’s milk cheese aged for 3-6 months and is given an AOC in 2003. No fancy grill is needed; last night I melted it on a sheet of aluminum foil in the toaster oven and scraped it off. It has excellent melting characteristics with no separation of the fat and a very smooth and pourable viscosity. The heating brought out a mild sharpness and some swiss cheese type overtones, really delicious. Try it melted plain or as a traditional peasant alpine meal. We have about 4 pounds of this left, but should be able to get more if needed.

Retail: $13.00 lb. – Grand Cru: $7.74 lb. – Premier Cru: $8.39 lb. • Buy this cheese!

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