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From Carr Valley in Wisconsin. This is a very unique American Artisan cheese. It has a layer of goat cheese and a layer of sheep cheese, separated by grape vine ash in the style of Morbier. This cheese won 2nd place in its class at the 2005 American Cheese Society awards.

Member John Strazzullo says:

Mobay – more an homage to Morbier than an attempt at imitation.  French Morbier is a traditional semisoft, cow’s milk cheese in which the cheese curds from the evening milking are separated by a layer of ash from the cheese curds from the next mornings milking; it has a pronounced aroma and a hearty flavor.  Mobay has a layer of ash separating 2 different cheeses, but that’s where the similarity ends.  It has a very light, mild aroma.  Both the sheep’s and the goat’s cheese are mild tasting with the whiter goat side being slightly more tangy.  They are firm cheeses with a texture similar to the Lambchopper.  The ash adds a slight texture and flavor that’s hard to characterize;  maybe earthy is the way to describe it.  An excellent cheese which I prefer to Morbier due to its mildness.  It would pair nicely on a cheese board with the Grafton Duet as you would get 4 cheeses: a goat, a sheep, a cheddar and a blue for the price of 2.

Retail: $21.10 lb. – Grand Cru: $12.90 lb. – Premier Cru: $14.50 lb. • Buy this cheese!

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