Iberico Cheese

Iberico Cheese

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Member John Strazzullo says: My new favorite cheese. A blend of cow, sheep and goat milk from northern Spain captures the best qualities of each. The texture and initial flavor have the goat cheese qualities of a firm, slightly crumbly texture and a fresh slightly piquant flavor, but there is a deep creaminess and flavor contributed by the cow and sheep milk. Here’s a snippet from the web:

Generally speaking, cows’ milk provides most of the mass, flavor and desired acidity level in this type of cheese. Goats’ milk contributes whiteness (cow’s milk gives a yellow hue) and mildly zesty and tart flavor. Sheep’s milk incresases flavor, richness and butteriness; since it is rich in dry extract and fat content. The more sheep’s milk in the cheese, the better the cheese. Ibérico is made with a blend of three types of milk: cow’s (a minimum of 50%), goat’s (a minimum of 30%) and sheep’s (a minimum of 10%). Dry extract and fat content/ dry extract stipulations are similar to those of Hispánico.

An outstanding cheese. Unfortunately, there’s only a pound or two at The Guild right now. But if you’re interested, let us know and we’ll order more.

Retail: $20.60 lb. – Grand Cru: $12.36 lb. – Premier Cru: $13.39 lb. • Buy this cheese!

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