Cashel Blue

Cashel Blue

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From Ireland in honor of St Patrick’s Day. Jane and Louis Grubb started making Cashel Blue in the 1980’s and since then the cheese
has gained international reputation as Ireland’s most famous blue cheese. It takes its name from the Rock of Cashel, a bold outcrop overlooking the Tipperary plains in Ireland. When young the cheese is firm and relatively moist with a fresh and slightly sharp flavor. When
aged further it develops a melt-in-the-mouth creaminess and a round, mellow flavor.

Member John Strazzullo says:

The wheels we have seem to fall into the former category being firm, rather than crumbly, and just slightly on the moist side.  However, being a living product, the cheese is continuing to age in my fridge with the grey-blue mold continuing to spread over the cheese. This is a mild, piquant blue rather than overpowering, fragrant blue, nearly as hearty as a “stronger” blue while retaining a fresh milky/creamy mouthfeel and taste. It’s vegetarian as well. Seems to me it would be real tasty melted over some boiled potatoes for St. Paddy’s Day.

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