Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a wine shop?
Yes and No. We’re a wine buying club. Members order wine for 20% off retail prices. We also keep a modest but memorable selection of wines in stock. Grab some at the next tasting or stop by during office hours. Not a member?  You can still purchase wine from the Wine Guild at retail prices.

How do I order wine and food?
There are 5 ways to buy.

Can I get ANY wine I want?
We can’t time travel or pry that one remaining bottle out of a private collector’s hands. However, we do have access to any wine distributed in the State of Virginia. That’s over 36,000 wines. So, if you see it in restaurant or wine shop and that distributor delivers to Charlottesville, we can usually get it.

What wines CAN’T you get?
Some wines are made in very small quantities and are in high demand. In some instances less than 5 cases of a particular wine is available in VA.

How many members do you have?
Over 300 and growing.

Does my spouse/partner have to join too?
Nope, your membership includes you and your spouse – anyone under your roof.

When can I pick up my wine.
Your wine will arrive in a week or two. You can pick it up during office hours.

What are your office hours?
Tuesday thru Friday from 10:30AM – 5:30PM
Or by appointment.

I’m just learning about wine. Is the Guild right for me?
The Guild is a great place for beginners. You’ll get exposed to wide variety of wines and be around people who love to teach and answer wine questions. Plus, you’ll get recommendations from the staff on what wines to try next. Our special events alone are an amazing opportunity to do a “deep dive” on a particular wine region.

What is “Defcon”?
The very best! When we call a wine a “Defcon 5” wine, it refers to wines that we at the Wine Guild will go to the mat for. These are what we consider to be unbelievable deals on unbelievable wines that will suit and please most every palate. These are the best of the QPR (Quality for Price Ratio). We have only sent out 3 Defcon wines in the 3 years we have been open. With that in mind please understand that we take these offers very seriously — we will never abuse the Defcon 5 label to try to sell you wine. Defcon 5 status is only invoked when the board member energy around a wine reaches a fever pitch and a total consensus is achieved.

Do you serve food at the tastings?
Yes. Great food from our partners at Kitchen Catering and Events. Come Hungry!