Wine Tasting: Sieg’s New and Old

Wine Tasting: Sieg’s New and Old

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This Wednesday, June 2nd from 5:30 P.M. to 7:30 P.M., we’re hosting Billy Koenig from Sieg…a distributor that’s in the midst of somewhat of a renaissance. Well-known, for years, for their macro-brewery (Bud, et al) focus, they picked up Monsieur Touton a couple years back (in addition to some other cool/famous brands), and have very recently scored the killer portfolio of Terry Shiple – one of the best palates in the business (and one of the nicest guys you’ll have the pleasure to meet). We’re psyched to have his stuff at our fingertips, and you should be too (you’ll see!). Billy will have a few of Terry’s selections at tomorrow’s tasting, along with some other new European wines, so it’s certainly something that everyone should check out. Remember to bring a friend. Guests are always welcome.

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  1. Michael Davis

    02. Jun, 2010

    Thanks to everyone who came to the tasting last night. What was your wine of the night?