Wine Tasting: LIOCO Wines

Wine Tasting: LIOCO Wines

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Last week, a few board members tried a lineup of samples from a small, burgeoning operation in California called LIOCO (a combination of the first part of the two winemakers’ last names, Matt Licklider and Kevin O’Connor), and thought that their wines would be perfect for a tasting. Their motto, “pure, honest, principled wine”, is something that really strikes me as refreshing in an industry so often poisoned by dishonest fluff, empty hyperbole and market-driven disappointments wrapped in the “cult” flag. These guys don’t own any vineyards, they buy their fruit and thus can more easily select exactly what they want to produce the results they’re after. They also don’t actually own a winery, instead choosing to make their wine at a state-of-the-art cooperative.

It’s a different approach, one that focuses more on sourcing superb fruit and making the best wines that they can rather than marrying a specific piece of land and cultivating it in a particular manner (the fact that they don’t have the winery overhead also means that the wines naturally won’t cost as much as they otherwise could). Some terroir purists might scoff (Nic Joly would likely faint) at this methodology; however, this kind of strict, militant approach to wine does little, in my opinion, to further the cause of creating great wine – if great wine can be made by sourcing and making wine at a coop, then how could you argue that you shouldn’t even try? But, even if you happen to be a Joly-ite terroir purist, you owe it to yourself to see what this innovative approach can do. Like it or hate it, at least you know a little bit more about the enigma of winemaking than you did the day before!

We’ll have 3 whites and 3 reds, some of it county & appelation wine, some of it single-vineyard sourced. Kevin Sidders has even been generous enough to donate a bottle from his personal cellar that the distributor couldn’t get his hands on.

We start at 5:30pm…be there!

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