Wine Tasting: Justin Winery

Wine Tasting: Justin Winery

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For the second tasting in a row, we’re bringing you a lineup that comes exclusively from one producer. However, while LIOCO is up and coming, Justin Vineyard & Winery has been around for awhile and established quite a name for itself as one of the premier producers in California’s Central Coast. Started in 1981, when there were less than 10 other wineries in Paso Robles (today there are several hundred), their focus is more traditional, old-world-styled wines, Bordeaux blends, etc., with that inescapable Californian pioneering spirit mixing things up. They’ve been one of my favorite Californian winemakers for quite some time, so I’m thrilled to have their wines available for tasting!

Not only that, but Laura Taffe Balderelli, the mid-atlantic manager for the San Francisco Wine Exchange (Justin’s broker) will be there to tell you everything you ever wanted to know about the wines you’ll be tasting. The lineup is killer…everything from basic varietals to higher-end blends:

  • ’09 Sauv Blanc
  • ’09 Chardonnay
  • ’08 Cab Sauv
  • ’08 Justification (Cab Franc/Merlot blend)
  • ’07 Savant (Cab Sauv/Syrah blend)

The 3 varietals will be priced in the teens, while the blends will be in the $30’s, so it’s definitely not the ultra-inflated prices you’ll find at many boutique/cult producers elsewhere in the state. This is why I love Paso!

As you can see, certainly not a tasting to miss! See you tomorrow (5:30-7:30),

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