Wine Tasting: German Wines 101

Posted on Sep, 13. 2010 by

Categories: Events

The most important thing that you will do this week is to attend our German Wine Tasting on Wednesday the 15th from 5:30-7:30pm at the Guild office. Guild member Klaus Alt has graciously accepted our request to come in and give us some insight into German wine. This first tasting is a German Wine 101 event, I hope that we will be able to do a 201 and 301 throughout the fall and winter. This will be a great chance to really learn about one of the most complex wine systems and one of the greatest (and overlooked) wine producing regions in the world.

Klaus is an encyclopedia of knowledge about this subject and we are asking that as many of you as possible can show up by 6pm when we will begin as to really get the benefit of learning here we will have to address the group together. If you can’t make it by 6pm come anyway and we will do our bext to catch you up.

Remember, this is the wine Guild, anything you thought you knew about wine before is now moot. Come Wednesday and understand German wine.

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