Virginia Cider Dinner at l’etoile

Virginia Cider Dinner at l’etoile

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This Saturday night, l’etoile restaurant is doing the Virginia Cider Dinner with both Albemarle Cider Works and Foggy Ridge Cider. This dinner will be an excellent opportunity to meet the Cider makers and talk with the owners of the first two Cider houses in Virginia.

Cider making is probably the most innovative and interesting culinary development in Virginia right now, both of these houses produce ciders in the old Norman and English styles, dry complex and full of yeasty intrigue and depth. I highly recommend this experience.

Whereas Virginia has the potential to compete internationally with our wine and beer in the future we are already on the cutting edge of fine Cider productions right out of the gate. Keep on top of what is reviving the true culture of Virginia.

DATE: Saturday, April 17th,
TIME: 6:30 pm.
LOCATION: l’etoile • 817 West Main Street • 434-979-7957
PRICE: $55.00 per person (all inclusive)

Please call l’etoile directly at 434-979-7957 to book for this dinner, remember it is this Sat, (sorry for the short notice)

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