Save The Date: Awesome Wine Dinner!

Save The Date: Awesome Wine Dinner!

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Oh how we tirelessly work to bring you good wine and often good food. Kevin Sidders, Michael Davis, Michael Ventana, Kevin Schultz and myself took a laborious four hour lunch meeting last Friday to taste the wines and food to assemble a menu for this, our first Wine Dinner of the season.

As daunting as that sounds we really did work hard that day to come up with what we feel will be an epic dinner to attend. So here is what we have:

Four Vinho Verde
The evening will begin with a crash course in Vinho Verde, from the light, spritzy refreshingly low alcohol style to a top notch single varietal Albarino from the region. There will be four Vinho Verde tasted in all.

Everyday Reds
We will then move to what we feel is the greatest thing about Portuguese wines: inexpensive, everyday drinking reds that taste better than anything else out there for the buck. There will be a couple of these.

A Top Red
After that we will feature one of the top red wines coming out of Portugal to let everyone see what can be done at the top level here.

A White Dessert Wine
The evening will end with a classic white dessert wine that will make you never want to be without dessert wine again.

Chef Sebastian (pictured) will be preparing a four course dinner to accompany the flavors of the wine (or vice versa).

We chose Portugal and Ventana because the French/Mexican Cuisine of Ventana is the perfect accompaniment to the wines of Portugal which have the old world French composure with a taste for spicy foods and hot weather fare.

This evening will be our Opus. We have tried to impart our love of Portuguese wines again and again and this dinner will be the culmination of those efforts, our attempt to truly express what we mean by our praise of these wines through the art of perfect accompaniment.

We would like to fill the restaurant as the more of us there are the better time we will all have. This evening is not just about tasting food and wine it is about completing a scene through atmosphere, music, and the heightened enjoyment brought by gathering like minded folks together for a good time.

DATE: Wednesday, April 28th
TIME: 6:00 P.M.
LOCATION: Ventana Restaurant – 117 5th Street SE
COST: $65 per person. All inclusive.

Please sign up prior to the 23rd of this month by emailing the Guild or calling Ventana at (434) 245-8262.

We are putting our backs into this one and it will be awesome.

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