How that jackass Will Richey tried to ruin our Monday night

How that jackass Will Richey tried to ruin our Monday night

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Our wine tastings are FREE and open to the public. Plus, we’re not as stuffy as our name makes us sound. Throw on some jeans, grab some friends and make an evening of it.

Yesterday, one of my favorite Italian winemakers says she’s going to be in Charlottesville this Monday night and wants to do a tasting and pop-up restaurant dinner at The Guild. I dashed into the kitchen to tell chefs Morgan and Gabe (from Kitchen Catering) and this is where things went sideways. Will Richey is throwing a party on Monday night for his staff at The Alley Light…and he’s stolen Morgan and Gabe to do the cooking. Grrr!!

What happened next will erase any doubt that I am the luckiest SOB you know. Tucker Yoder, just happened to be standing there and says “I’ll do it”. Seriously. You should rub me for luck the next time you see me.

So what we have is a very special Monday night free wine tasting, featuring rising star winemaker Francesa Vajra of G.D. Vajra. She’ll be sharing her family’s wines from Italy’s Piedmont region and teaching us more about what makes this place produce such special wines. Some of my favorites are her Langhe Nebbiolo, Barbera d’Alba and of course the Barolo

Not enough? Well, Tucker Yoder will be offering the following menu of items that pair beautifully with these wines.

– Pork Tonnato with Romaine, Capers and Radishes $11
– Ricotta Gnocchi with Maitake Mushrooms, Kale and Herb Gremolata $13
– Stewed Cranberry Beans with Braised Short Rib and Sourdough $16
– Buttermilk Panna Cotta with Crispy Polenta Chip and Red Wine Stewed Pear $9

Sorry for the short notice, but you’re just gonna have to deal with it…over a glass of Barolo and some of Tucker’s amazing food. It sucks to be you, eh?

Date: Monday, February 9th
Time: 5:30pm to 8:30pm
Location: The Wine Guild/Kitchen Catering (606 Rivanna Ave.)

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