Tasting Reminder for Tomorrow: Greece!

Tasting Reminder for Tomorrow: Greece!

Posted on Mar, 01. 2011 by

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This is a first for us…Greek wine!

I’ve personally always viewed Greek wine, in general, as a quaint peculiarity…something that exists to fill a specific niche in the US market, just because it’s from Greece. But the more Greek wines I try, the more I’m starting to realize that while Retsina may be a bit of a novelty to many people, there are serious winegrowers making seriously good wines over there. And why not? Of course, the biggest barrier to entry into the market is that hardly anyone knows what these grapes are, and even fewer know how to read the labels (insert the requisite “It’s all Greek to me” quip here)…but what I’ve noticed is a new crop of winemakers who are taking a more modern tack, with the accessibility of both the labels and the wine.

I’m truly excited about these wines – I hope you’ll drop by on Wednesday from 5:30pm to 7:30pm and indulge us!

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