Tasting: Rain or Shine

Tasting: Rain or Shine

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Our next several tastings are all brand new wines/importers/distributors for us, and I like nothing more than to give these new guys a great showing on our account! First up is Broadbent Selections, whose wines Kevin Sidders tasted at a recent trade show and subsequently insisted they host a tasting with us. Per the website, here’s their ‘story’:

When we look for wines to import, at Broadbent Selections Inc., we have a few absolutes. First and foremost, the wine must be the very best of its type. It’s not enough for a wine to please us; its quality and value must bowl us over. It’s been said that the difference between a good meal and a great meal is that, with the former, you finish the meal thinking, “The food was good”. With a great meal however, you think, “Life is good”. And that’s precisely what we we look for, and what we’re proud to represent; wines that gratify not just the palate, but the soul. Yet, we do more than represent wine. We also represent the people and passion behind those wines, which is why, since we were founded in 1996, our focus has always been on family-owned wineries-on places with personality and stories, and on wines that come from the heart. Quality and character: those are absolutes. We’re extremely proud of both the wines we represent at Broadbent Selections and the great people behind them.

Not sure about everyone else, but that’s a lot of what I look for in a wine portfolio. Tomorrow’s tasting with Broadbent will feature the best of their South African lineup, so not only is it a new portfolio, but it’s a theme that we very rarely delve into—and I think it might be time that we all got jolted out of whatever wine rut we’re in right now.

So, be there. Even if it’s raining (which, considering the forecast, isn’t too far-fetched), be there. Would you rather be cooped up at home, watching your neighborhood flood again? I thought not!

See you Wednesday evening, 5:30-7:30 at the Guild.

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