Tasting Great Wine Tonight!

Tasting Great Wine Tonight!

Posted on Jun, 16. 2010 by

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So when I say great wine I do not mean expensive wine or even highly rated wine, I mean wine we, here at the Guild, love to drink.

Tonight we have Mr Kevin Schultz (pictured) of Dionysos Imports with a slew of new wines from their newly arrived French Container. There will be:

  1. A completely obscure Loire Valley White from an unheard of AOC that is a great price and classic Parisian Bistro wine.
  2. A fantastic, crisp Macon.
  3. One of the finest and most individual Pouilly Fume’s you will have for around $15
  4. An excellent and excellently priced red Minervois (Syrah)

and then…

Possibly our favorite producer in Burgundy, Anne Gros has started a project in Minervois bringing her Burgundian sensibilities to the South of France in Languedoc. Kevin has brought two of the bottlings from her fist vintage on this project, they are reasonably priced and amazing wines to behold.

I highly recommend dropping by tonight to taste some real wine with really individual character, this type of wine is the stuff we judge all others by. Come tonight and find out what we mean by that. Michael Davis and I will be here with Kevin from 5:30 to 7:30.

Also there are still some great cheeses and new oils to check out. Also, check out this list of wines we have in-stock.

See you all tonight!

One Response to “Tasting Great Wine Tonight!”

  1. Michael Davis

    16. Jun, 2010

    Damn! Anne Gros and Jean Paul Tollot have teamed on Minervois? I can’t wait to taste these wine. Luckily, I only have to wait a few hours.