Saturday 9/31/11 Barbera and the Goat

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A reminder that we’re open Saturday from 10am-1pm for tasting and pick-ups. We’ll have an open bottle of the Damilano Barbera D’Asti 2009, a simple yet full, everyday-priced Barbera currently on our floor. Will’s previous notes:

“Bouquet, petals and all, bright fruit, tremendous follow through. Mary Poppins! Mary Poppins is my inside joke to myself to mean, ‘Practically perfect in every way.’ This wine was awesome, medium to full bodied, balanced, easy to enjoy and tons to latch on to. This is no Pizza and Spaghetti wine, it is more a Steak or cocktail wine though it would do well with all sorts of foods. Really it is the sort of thing you just want to be drinking by the mouthful at any given time.”

We also have a few wedges of the Drunken Goat in our fridge. As many of you know (and love), this Guild favorite from the Murcia region of Spain is soaked in red wine for several days, giving it a beautiful amethyst-colored rind. Its supple, slightly grassy flavors and creamy texture pair perfectly with our own Olli salami, or with other Spanish tidbits like Marcona almonds and olives. Try melting it over portobello mushrooms with olive oil, fresh rosemary and thyme for an easy and delicious appetizer this weekend!

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