The Perfect Super Bowl Beer

The Perfect Super Bowl Beer

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Since I discovered Victory Lager 7 years ago I swore that I would do everything in my power to make it the all American drinking beer. I had visions of gas stations and grocery stores everywhere with nothing but rows of just Victory Lager where the Bud, Coors, Beast, Ice, and whatever else generic “domestic” beer rows were.

Victory Lager is my house beer and has been for years. It tastes like what you imagine Budweiser might have tasted like in the 1930’s. It’s just a basic, easy drinking, golden lager. But because Victory is using real beer ingredients (perhaps you aren’t aware that almost all of the big brand domestic beers use rice as the fermenting agent before tricking the flavor into resembling what we think we remember as beer) it just has a better flavor.

This is the kind of beer we should all be drinking instead of every one of the big brand beer hoaxes. No it is not a light beer as far as calories are concerned and if that’s your thing I can not help, save to propose this: Drink less quantity, drink more quality.

I mean it, this beer is so delicious you will savor it more and require less anyway.

That is all I have to say really. There are tons of funky, sour, thick, heavy, crazy beers I love and could go on about but after all the funk I find myself retreating to this plain-jane easy and well made lager and I highly recommend it to you also.

Not knowing what the demand would be I only ordered 12 cases of this and there will be no other delivery before the weekend so once its gone, its gone and its back to the grocery stores and gas stations, alas.

Victory Lager, 1 case (4, six packs)
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Retail Price: $42.00
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