Your Board Members

Will Richey
Will’s done time at a local wine shop, managed restaurant l’Etiole, worked for a wine distributor and now owns Revolutionary Soup and The Whiskey Jar restaurants. You should eat there every day. It will make you smart and beautiful.

Favorite Wine Regions:
Burgundy & Bordeaux

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Rives Richey
Rives has been drinking great wine since they invented fire. He’s also Will’s father, which explains Will’s purple teeth. Rives spends most days in the Guild office trying to make order out of chaos. Usually, the opposite happens.

Favorite Wine Regions:
Burgundy & Bordeaux

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Evan Williams
Evan is our “quiet Beatle”. When he’s not adding to his vast knowledge of wine, he works as an architect by day and is crafts amazing homebrews by night. He also knows how to marry well. His wife Stephanie is also a wine geek and Guild board member.

Favorite Wine Regions:
Loire, Rhone and California.

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Stephanie Williams
Stephanie gets things done…period. In a group dedicated to consuming large amounts of wine…that is a very good thing. Also an architect, Stephanie loves designing custom wine cellars. Fortunately, she’s really good at it or things could get awkward?

Favorite Wine Regions:
Loire & Rhone Valley

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David Storm
Without David we’d be in jail. He keeps us out of legal trouble and even washes dirty glasses when we need him too. His penchant for Australian wines is something we only make fun of behind his back. Otherwise, he’d probably sue us or something.

Favorite Wine Regions:
Big ol’ Australian Fruit Bombs

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Chad Zakaib
As the former General Manger of Jefferson Vineyards, Chad succeeded at something that Thomas Jefferson couldn’t do, make wine in Virginia. Currently Chad has a big boy job in health care management hence the need to drink a lot more wine.

Favorite Wine Regions:
Burgundy & Bordeaux

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Michael Davis
Michael is trouble. It’s not something we want to go into here…for legal reasons. Just avert your gaze and keep your big yapper shut until the authorities arrive.

Favorite Wine Regions:
Barolo and Burgundy

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